Metal cutting work using NC lathe and CNC combination lathe.

About MKK

About MKK

Aiming for the world's No.1 parts manufacturer through technological innovation and fostering of young engineers

Since our foundation in 1970, Matsumoto Kosan, located in the picturesque Ogano-machi adjacent to Chichibu and Nagatoro Valley, has expanded as a precision parts manufacturer based on the corporate philosophy of contributing to society through manufacturing.

Our high-quality, high-precision products are used widely in all kinds of industries.Such as pneumatic equipments are assembled indispensably in automotive and automated production lines which are the countable key industries in the world,as well as medical devices which support the aging society, telecommunication equipments contributing to the electronics fields,security products protecting our safety.

Sticking to manufacturing is one of our characteristics because we believeit is only the technologies of manufacturing that could lead Japan to achieve rapid growth and become an economic superpower. Due to our constant efforts in technologies innovation challenge,we have gradually earned the customers' trust, that is only the Matsumo Kosan who could do it.Giving high priority to young generation's cultivation is our second challenge for the purpose of the leading-edged technologies inheritance.

The challenge has expanded our business abroad directly and driven us to launch a overseas branch in near future. We shall continue pursuing the goal to become a parts manufacturer with the world's most advanced technologies.

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