Metal cutting work using NC lathe and CNC combination lathe.



Handling ultra-precision processing down to the micron with the latest CNC combination lathe and fixed temperature factory

With productivity enhancement, technical innovation and quality improvement in mind, we are developing our factory to meet the changing needs of the times. In order to appropriately respond to quality, cost and delivery requests, our factory capable of operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, is equipped with high-grade machines to handle various combined machining processes as well as a CNC combination lathe line-up of over 80 units. We respond speedily to parts production for a wide variety of items in small quantities or mass production.

In order to handle ultra-precision processing down to the micron, our fixed temperature factory is controlled at ±1.0℃ all year round to keep thermal displacement to a minimum, and for our degreaser, we have introduced an environmentally friendly cleaning equipment that does not use organic solvents.

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