Metal cutting work using NC lathe and CNC combination lathe.



We have established machining techniques that appropriately respond to all QCD needs.

Integrated production system from trial to mass production using CNC combination lathe

One of the strengths of Matsumoto Kosan is our capability to perform integrated processing from bar material at our 24-hour operation factory, by using high-performance CNC lathe that is capable of one-step processing even for complex shapes. This ensures higher quality and stable supply as well as shorter lead-time and cost reduction. In particular, the fixed temperature factory controlled at ±1.0℃ boasts a monthly production of 500,000 pieces of precision parts down to ±2 microns. In addition, by having an integrated system of production from the trial production phase, we are working toward quality improvement, shorter lead-time and cost reduction through VA (Value Analysis) and VE (Value Engineering), while promoting in-house production of even cutting tools in order to speedily respond to needs in high-precision machining of complex shapes.

Responding to advanced and diversified needs by taking on new technological challenges

Our effort to speedily supply better products at a lower price is a continuous challenge for us. Matsumoto Kosan is working actively to always introduce new technology. In the example of reducing cycle time, we strongly promoted operational improvement in production by utilizing the Saitama Industrial Development Corporation's support program and the in-house improvement proposal system. In the area of processing techniques, we are trying to establish a non-abrasive technology using roller burnishing that eliminates the conventional polishing process. Meanwhile, the introduction of fixed spindle machines has allowed us to handle deep cutting work of materials up to a diameter of Φ51, in addition to the processing of material with diameter of Φ2~Φ38 using conventional CNC combination lathe with movable main spindle.

Focused on developing young multi-talented engineers for the next generation

No matter how sophisticated the equipment or technology, value is created only by having engineers who can fully utilize them. That is why we emphasize the development of young engineers who are bearers of our future generation. In order to pass down multiple skills required of one engineer to comprehensively handle steps from trial production to programming, selection of cutting tools, machine operation and maintenance, we take time in our training process that involves in-house OJT (On the Job Training). In addition, long-term training lasting more than one year is also conducted by the manufacturer for the engineers to acquire higher cutting skills and to learn about machine maintenance.

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