Metal cutting work using NC lathe and CNC combination lathe.

Steps to Mass Production

Speedy response with MKK! Shortest 2-day turnaround from order to start of mass production!


Inquiry, Estimate

ContactPlease inquire by telephone, fax or e-mail. If drawings are available, please send them by fax or e-mail.
Our experienced staff is ready to offer advice including those on material, shape and surface treatment.


Order placement

Formal order is placed after the estimate is approved.


Assembly of the process and program creation

According to the ordered shape, assemble the cutting process that ensures high-quality products with the shortest process and create a program.


Input and processing of program

Conduct actual cutting with the newly-created program by using CNC combination lathe, etc.
Processing under optimal environment and machines according to your precision requests, etc.


Fine-tuning according to your request

Confirmation of product samples and fine-tuning according to your request. MKK provides high quality products according to your needs through in-house production of even the cutting tools.


Inspection prior to mass production

Product inspection down to microns is done before start of mass production.
Mass production begins only after passing MKK's strict tests.


Start of mass production

The shortest turnaround from order placement to start of mass production is 2 days.


Steps to Mass Production
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